Food Storage Cold Packs

Colder-than-ice gel packs to keep food cold and crisp from beach to boardroom.

Pack lunch with peace of mind. Cold gel packs keep food and drinks cold for 8+ hours, wherever you go.

From the school field trip to family day at the beach, super-moms know the most important part of the day is keeping those snacks nice and chilled. Magic Gel ice packs for food storage ensure all you have to worry about is enjoying time with family. Our cold packs stay cold for longer and are designed with durable, non-toxic materials, so food stays safe and fresh. Keep MagicGel gel packs in the freezer until needed. Place them in lunch boxes, coolers, and beach bags to keep contents cold.

MagicGel is an industry-disrupting gel pack manufacturer that ships directly to your door. We offer innovative gel packs for food storage and transportation, pain relief, and everything in between. Our food storage cold packs are perfect for lunch boxes, coolers, the office, the beach, fishing and hiking, camping, road trips, and more. We’ve got your back (and your lunchbox).

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Our hot and cold gel packs are made with you in mind, perfectly designed for your lifestyle.

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Showing all 2 results