Slipped Disc Hot and Cold Ice Packs

Manage slipped disc pain safely and effectively with Magic Gel

Back pains? We’ve got your back.

Whoever said that life goes by so fast certainly wasn't kidding. One day you're grooving at the disco and in the blink of an eye, here you are, nursing a slipped disc.

While you can't really go back in time, what you can do is arm yourself with proper tools to help your body get its groove back.

Here at Magic Gel, we're in the business of pain relief and giving people a pain-free, comfortable life. We have created and designed eight different types of ice packs that offer targeted and radiating pain relief to slipped disc aches and discomfort. All of our ice packs FDA-approved, CE marked, and are flexible and gentle enough to contour around the lower back region (or any area).

Experience lasting relief with Magic Gel, and the only disc you'll ever have to worry about is how to get that disc jockey to play Earth Wind and Fire.

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Our hot and cold gel packs are made with you in mind, perfectly designed for your lifestyle.

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Showing all 8 results