Collection: Eyes ice packs

Soothing eye pain relief is just a blink away with Magic Gel Eyes Ice packs

Get fast and convenient eye pain relief with Magic Gel. Eyes, eyes baby to go!

They say that eyes are the windows to your soul, but if those windows have lately been dusty, cracked, and cobweb-covered, well, that soul can't be fun. Be it conjunctivitis, or blepharitis, or just your good old stye, eye irritations can really hamper one's sight and style.

Here at Magic Gel, we're in the business of getting everyone's groove back through pain relief, so we created ice packs for every kind of imaginable pain in the body.
Yes, it includes those very windows to your soul. Our Eyes Ice Packs are designed to combat all sorts of eye pain and irritation, and whether it's for warm or cold compress use, we've got you covered.

FDA-approved and CE marked, all our ice packs have undergone stringent quality tests, so you get professional yet comfortable and convenient pain relief. Order now and we can tell that you will see clearly now the pain has gone.