Collection: Shoulder ice packs and wraps

Perfect for pitchers, athletes, post-op patients and working class heroes

Shoulder ice packs and wraps

Shrug off those pains! Magic Gel's shoulder ice packs provide safe pain relief safely and quickly

Our shoulders are one of the most ignored body parts, yet it is also one of the easiest to injure and re-injure. Whether you’re an athlete, a working class hero, or a post-op patient, your shoulder discomfort matters to us. That’s why we created a selection of these orthopedist-recommended products guaranteed to provide unparalleled relief from various shoulder problems.

Our neoprene and PVC shoulder wraps fit most sizes and hug your left or right shoulder for intense cold compression for 25 minutes, effectively shrugging off pain, soreness, and inflammation.

All our products are CE-marked and FDA-approved, they’re even sold in hospitals and are trusted by medical professionals, athletes, and customers worldwide, so you’re sure about getting high-quality items upon placing your order.

As a bonus, we’re giving away a free gel pack and a 10% discount on your first purchase!