Collection: Hip ice packs

Hip ice packs

Hip ice packs

Say hip hip hooray to pain-free days with Magic Gel's fast-relief hip ice packs!

We understand that life comes with its fair share of bruises and pain, but we also believe that you don't need to be joined at the hip to it! Painful hips don't lie, so when your hips start crackling like crisps, then it's time to feel the magical pain relief of Magic Gel.

We've been managing and providing pain relief for ten years here at Magic Gel, and we know that hip pain is very much individualised. So we created ice packs for hips that provide both targeted pain relief, and also ones that are big enough to cover the entire back, hips and spine.

All our ice packs are FDA-approved and CE marked, and they are all flexible and fit around hips comfortably and snugly too.

It's our mission to see you in full swing and motion again because you are, after all, too hip to be square!