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Skin Ice Packs

Skin Ice Packs

Save your skin from discomfort and irritation with Magic Gel's non-toxic skin ice packs!

That’s why Magic Gel’s hot and cold therapy solutions allow for safe icing even without your lowly towel’s protection.

Our facial, lower back, shoulder, and hand ice packs, for instance, are encased in specially designed, leak-proof polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or neoprene sleeves and compression wraps to hold them in place, allowing for exceptional hot and cold therapy.

Our products’ potency comes from our quick cooling and warming medical grade gel pack inserts that stay flexible even when frozen. They keep temperature longer than the competition as they fit seamlessly on your body’s every nook and cranny.

Like the rest of our products, the skin ice packs are FDA-approved and endorsed by athletes, medical professionals, and thousands of customers worldwide.

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