Collection: Medical ice pack

Get fast and effective pain relief with Magic Gel’s medical ice packs.

Medical ice pack

Post-procedure care has never been more convenient and safe with Magic Gel's medical ice packs.

Going through a medical procedure isn't a walk in the park. It's a vulnerable and daunting time for most of us. Quite often, it's a time when one needs the most support they can get.

This is why we created ice packs to make life easier and more convenient for you post-procedure. From vasectomy to chemotherapy, we've got a range of safe, non-toxic and comfortable ice packs for you.

All of our products are FDA-approved and CE marked so they are often used in medical centres worldwide. We also made sure that all the ice packs are flexible and will give you a snug yet comfortable fit.

When you've undergone a procedure, you need immediate and convenient pain relief as often as you can, and it is our dream to provide you just that. Order now and you'll receive our items quickly in 2-4 days, straight to your doorstep.

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