Collection: Vasectomy hot and cold packs

Multi-use gel packs to relieve pain and discomfort from vasectomy post-op recovery.

Use cold to numb away soreness and reduce swelling after a vasectomy. Convenient relief for testicular and scrotal pain and irritation.

There's no denying that testicular and scrotal pain can interrupt your life and prevent you from feeling your best. Vasectomy hot and cold packs provide fast-acting relief for pain, swelling, and irritation associated with vasectomy and vasectomy reversal, testicular injury, varicocele pain and treatment surgery, and more. A special flexible-when-frozen formula is comfortable and convenient. From mild irritation to more intense pain, Magic Gel packs are a drug-free way to experience relief fast.

MagicGel is an industry-disrupting gel pack manufacturer that ships directly to your door. We offer innovative gel packs for pulled muscles, post-op wounds, and everything in between. CE Marked, Registered with the FDA as a medical device, trusted by medical professionals and hospital staff and equivalent to ~$700 hospital gel packs.

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