Collection: Acl tears

Get convenient and fast pain relief for all knee injuries, from bursitis to ACL tears.

Acl tears

Get back to training and action with our ice pack range designed for knee injuries

Oftentimes, being an active individual goes hand in hand with having injuries. Missed trainings, cancelled matches, and overall debilitation --we know all about the frustrations of being injured.

Here at Magic Gel, we've got a range of comfortable, rapid-relief ice packs for all types of knee injuries. All of our knee injury ice packs are flexible and contours around the knee, giving you mobility and comfort while you're on track to fast relief and healing. From arthritis, to ACL tears, to post-surgery knee care, we've got your ailment covered. A minor setback like a knee injury paves the way for a major comeback, and we're here to help you achieve just that.

All of Magic Gel's carefully designed products are CE marked and FDA registered, so it's little surprise that athletes and medical professionals worldwide have been using our products. Our passion is to deliver this kind of care to you, right at your doorstep