Collection: Child birth ice packs

Get safe and efficient childbirth pain relief with Magic Gel packs

Our packs take all child birth pain away. So you can focus on the joys of motherhood.

Congratulations! A baby is a little bit of heaven sent down to earth. Now how would you like to have a little bit of pain-relief sent right to your doorstep?
Our forte here at Magic Gel is to relieve people from pain and make their lives easier. More so if you're a busy mum to a newborn. We think you're all-around amazing that's why we created ice packs that make life with a new bub so much easier.

From hot or cold breastfeeding packs to perineal packs with a bidet spray --we've got a range of ice packs that cover all child birth pains and issues. All our products are carefully made with CE marking and approved by FDA so you are getting hospital-grade childbirth care essentials right at home.

Everyone may have their focus on the cute little bubba, but we know that the key to all this is a happy and comfy momma. And that's exactly what we are here for.