Collection: Knee Ice Packs

High performance compression wraps and gel packs

Knee Ice Packs

Brace yourself for quick relief from knee injuries

Knee injuries can happen to anyone, but you don’t have to feel powerless when it strikes you. Kick out knee pain and swelling with our top quality neoprene knee ice packs and compression wraps. Whether you’re recovering post-op, or suffering from torn ACL, tendonitis, arthritis, or bursitis, our selection of knee gel packs and neoprene brace provides proper compression and continuous hot and cold therapy to alleviate overall discomfort.

Chill the knee ice pack to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation, or heat them to increase blood flow and stimulate your body’s healing response. Place the pack on your knee or use the wrap for a snug and comfortable fit.

Feel better in an instant knowing all Magic Gel products are backed by Science, approved by FDA, and endorsed by doctors.

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