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Horse Ice pack

Horse Ice pack

Saddle up! We welcome your horse (and you) to a pain-free world by Magic Gel.

We may take pain away like magic, but when it comes to the business of managing pain, we certainly don't horse around. We believe that our effective pain relief should also be provided to our four-legged friends, most especially those who work hard like a horse to make our lives easier.

Our leg ice pack for horses offer tight compression with flexibility so they are able to alleviate tissue-related aches and pains. This is definitely a more comfortable procedure than cold hosing, and your horse will definitely raise the hoof and love you for it!

We believe in offering the best to all consumers of our products, so we ensured that all of them are FDA-approved and CE marked. Nothing but the best for the quick and effective recovery of your horse.

After checkout, we offer doorstep delivery after 2-4 days. Straightforward and fast pain-relief, absolutely no foal-ing around!

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