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Premium Leg Ice Pack for Horses

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Get the moves back in the hooves! At 15.5” long, this durable gel pack provides great coverage to your horse’s lower leg, kicking out sprains, bruises, injuries, and other discomfort. Adjustable Velcro straps secure cold compression to your steed, accelerating healing.
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Product Details

Luxury, Reusable Ice Cold Gel pack


The ice packs are designed to alleviate soft tissue-related aches and pains for hardworking horses. Reduce pain from swelling, sprains and bruises quickly and effectively.

For the fastest recovery

Medical studies have shown a cold pack boosts healing and accelerates recovery times. When recovering from excersise, struggling with general aches and pains or even long term discomfort – this pack and wearable brace will speed up horse recovery time and reduce ongoing pain.

Targeted pain relief for:

  • Stocking Up
  • Swelling
  • Impact Injuries
  • Acute Pain
  • Swollen Hocks
  • Bruising
  • Overheating
  • Overheating

Instructions and Safety Information

Instructions for use MSDS Data Sheet

One Size Fits All

This is a large ice pack, covering 40cm (16 inches) of one leg. Strong velcro attaches around the leg keeping it secure with adequate compression.

Flexible From Frozen

With the thickest viscosity gel, the pack remains pliable straight from the freezer. The flexibility allows the pack to contour around your horses leg and sit against the specific area that is causing discomfort.

For a Variety of Injuries

Stocking up, impact/actue injuries causing joint swelling or bruises, swollen hocks, and as an alternative to cold hosing.

Free Storage Bag & Special offer

Each unit comes with a purpose built bag so you can leave it in the freezer without contaminating your frozen food.

Quick Q&A

Is this product suitable for cattle?

Probably would work. We use for 16.2 event horse.

Do they stay flexible/gel-like when frozen?

No- when frozen they are rigid, this maximises the cooling time.

How long do these stay cold in hot weather?

20-30 minutes, which is about the same time as you’d want to ice a leg!

Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Tami Howard
great product

these are great. stay cold for 1/2 an hour. great product.

claudia reissclaudia reiss
Very good quality

The Ice wrap is very easy to use great quality and the elastic straps are much better than expected I am very happy with it and would highly recommendThank you very much

Dawn Wiegand
Good product

Well made

Fits well, easy to use. Bought two so that one was always ready. A bit comfort to horsey.

Like the velcro fastenings and the quilted gel packs.

Pen Name32757
Great price

Great value for the price. We have bought some that are much more expensive than this and we like this style better