Collection: Hay fever hot and cold ice packs

Magic Gel provides pain management that is efficient, safe and non-toxic

Hay fever hot and cold ice packs

Combat hayfever and allergies with Magic Gel’s safe and award-winning gel packs!

It may be common and seasonal, but hayfever is nothing to be sneezed at. When your day starts with itchy, watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing fits, you really can't be blamed if you ah-choose to stay in bed the whole day.

While we really can't summon the seasons to change, what we aim to do is make life better and more comfortable for you on those days when hayfever decides to drop you a visit. We have created a couple of gel packs that fit and contour comfortably around the face and head to help you go through those days. Some of them can be used as both hot or cold compress so they can provide relief however way you want it!

All our products are non-toxic and are FDA approved and CE marked. We deliver straight to your door when you order so you are never off-season fighting allergies!