Collection: Lower back hot and cold ice packs

Lower back hot and cold ice packs

Lower back hot and cold ice packs

Back pains? We’ve got your back.

We're not big fans of growing pains. What we are big on however, is backing our words. For instance, when we say that we've got your back as we have ice packs for over 50 different body types, we truly mean it. For lower back pain alone, we have seven different types of ice packs you can use to give soothing pain relief to this part of your body.

Whether its osteoporosis, you've pulled or strained a muscle, needing post-surgery care, or perhaps you simply just woke up on the wrong side of the bed, we have a corresponding ice pack for your back pain.
All of our packs are flexible, and many of them can be used as both warm or cold compress, so it works perfectly whether you need it to relax your muscles or decrease inflammation.

Order now and experience hospital-grade pain relief at home. We've got your back on this journey to being pain-free.