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Flexible Hip Ice Pack for Targeted Pain Relief

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Painful hips don’t lie! This flexible ice pack for stiff and painful hips was designed by an orthopedist, combining comfort and fast, targeted pain relief. Fitting snugly around the hip bone and joint, this ice pack will have you swaying those stiff hips away in no time. Hip hip hooray!
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Product Details

Luxury, Reusable Hot & Cold Gel pack

Targeted pain relief for sore hips

Designed by a renowned orthopedist to ease pain from Arthritis and Post-surgery inflammation. The ice pack hugs the hip with one strap around the waist and one around your leg. The extra compression from this provides a deeper, more intense cooling experience.

Proven Comfort and Fit

The purpose built ice pack fits and contours comfortably around the hip bone and joint for deeper penetration.

Used for:

  • Pain in the hip joint
  • Reduced range of motion
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Pain when standing
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Bone Fractures
  • Irritable hip syndrome
  • Pain and swelling around the hip

Instructions and Safety Information

Instructions for use MSDS Data Sheet


A wise physical therapist once told us “This is the only gel pack that stayed cool as long as long as they actually claim”. This cryo pack will stay cold for *19 minutes per application*, that’s a promise!


Straight from the freezer the hip ice pack is 100% moldable (you can easily fold it in half with no effort). The perfect gel pack that will wrap around your knees, arms, back or wherever your aches and pains are. Mold it into your muscles and joints for instant relief right where you need it.


We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality materials. We provide a 3 year, or 300 cycle promise: if you experience any loss in performance, tear or leak in this timeframe you can share us for a free replacement.


The ice pack can be worn standing or sitting down, tight fitting and contours comfortable around the hip bone and joint for targeted cold therapy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
Jane Symonds
Packs are fine

I bought two for hip replacement recovery. I would buy again since the price is a lot better than renting the machine. If you plan to continuously ice, then buy three. If you ice 20 min per hour then two suffice. The straps can be confusing but once you read the directions and understand which side has the Velcro, etc., then it’s all good.

Hip pain? YOU NEED THIS!!!

Bought mine off their Amazon store, but wanted to leave a review here, too.

Had a periacetabular osteotomy on my hip last year to correct hip dysplasia. It's a rough surgery, and this cold pack was absolutely invaluable through my recovery. The straps ensure it stays in place, which is so important when it hurts to shift around a lot right after surgery.

I recommend this cold pack to anyone with chronic or post op hip pain. You will never find better.

I recommend this brand overall to anyone with chronic pain. They really are the best.

Sheila Brooks
Just Perfect

I received 1 as a gift. I then bought 3 more. They are enormously helpful.

Janet Morris
Hip gel pack

The gel pack worked great, chilled quickly and stayed cold for quite a while, flexible to shape to my body. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I couldn't use the velcro bands that are supposed to connect and keep it snug. One was too short the other way too long. It was almost impossible to thread the velcro bands through the loops, kept getting velcro-ed to itself. I took them all off but the the plastic loops for the bands were uncomfortable.Later I ordered a medium size rectangular gel pack. 5 stars for that one.

Michael E. Smith
ideally designed for hip bursitis

Because of the straps around leg and waist, this works better than any others I've tried.