Collection: Hot and cold eye mask for mgd

Get fast and soothing relief from MGD with Magic Gel’s packs

Hot and cold eye mask for mgd

We spy with our eyes the end of MGD for you with Magic Gel packs

Created with your comfort and safety in mind, our soothing multi-use hot and cold eye mask comes lined with an insulator to protect your eyes from extreme temperatures while preventing rapid heat loss.

Shop with ease knowing we only sell high quality ice gel products, and our eye mask selection features two leak-resistant gel pack inserts that can be heated or chilled to resolve eye inflammation and discomfort.

Address all forms of irritation caused by blepharitis, MGD, stye, cysts, conjunctivitis, eye strain, swollen, puffy, tired eyes, dark circles and many more. You can also use the eye mask for better sleep, or to block out light to alleviate a migraine.

Once you lay your eyes on our calming eye mask, we guarantee you’ll never want to keep it out of your sight (and hands).

Order the best eye mask today and get a 10% discount on your first purchase.

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