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Premium Ice Pack for All Body Parts (For Hot or Cold Use)

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2 x Durable Hot and Cold Packs with 1 high quality strap.  Why?  Because no injury is ever the same. That's why we created a flexible ice pack that provides fast and easy relief for any body part. All your joints and sore spots are covered with this durable gel pack - suitable hot-or-cold use, perfect for active individuals and households. More details below.
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Product Details

Luxury, Reusable Hot & Cold Gel pack

All Purpose for any body part

This luxury hot and cold gel pack is both reusable and multi-purpose, with amazing heating and cooling benefits. You can use it warm from the microwave, or cool it in the fridge or freezer. It’s ideal for help with a wide range of strains, sprains and muscle tears eg. hamstring, thigh, calf, shin splints and more.

Easy to Use

Simply slip the gel pack into the soft-touch fleece pouch (with bonus sleeve) and secure it against the body. You can go hands-free with the strong elastic strap providing graded compression, soft to hard exactly where you need it.

Targeted pain relief for:

  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Ankle
  • Wrist
  • Back
  • Neck
  • Elbow

Instructions and Safety Information

Instructions for use MSDS Data Sheet


Medical studies have shown a cold pack boosts healing and accelerates recovery times. Cold compression therapy reduces sore muscles DOMS from lifting heavy weights. Whether an athlete, runner or weekend warrior, using our reusable ice packs will get you back on your feet in no time!


We use the thickest viscosity gel on the market to ensure your ice pack is always pliable, conforming perfectly to your body for maximum cooling. Leave it to chill overnight, and still use it with confidence – straight out the fridge freezer, for instant pain relief.


Use as a heat pack on a frozen shoulder, stiff joint, cricked neck or to add soothing warmth for help with arthritis, tendonitis, fibromyalgia and sciatica.


Cold therapy aids muscle pain relief , so you can reduce the pain numbing pills and expensive medical care! Cold packs for injuries reusable naturally soften pain signals sent to your brain from an injury. Alternatively, use to cool a migraine, toothache or simply as hangover patches.

Quick Q&A

Can I buy replacement gel packs?

Sadly we don't sell replacement gel packs.

Can it be tightened?

No. It's made to stretch quite a bit if you need, but it can't be tightened - there's no draw string or other adjustable component.

Can it be used on feet?

Yes. It’s a versatile size so you could easily wrap around feet or ankles.

Can it be used when sleeping?

It is not recommended that you use the gel pack whilst sleeping if you choose to use either hot or cold. This is because when you are asleep, you are not able to determine if there is any pain to the same extent as when you are awake. So for safety reasons, please do not wear when sleeping.

Can the product be used both hot and cold?

Yes it can. If you want to use it cold you can place it in the fridge to chill it down, or the freezer for a deeper and longer cold. Please be careful with the cold and only apply it if it is comfortable to do so.

Can these ice packs stay in the freezer permanently?

Yes, that's exactly how they are designed to be used. You can leave them in the freezer until you are ready to use them. Our record is 3 years in the freezer with no adverse effects!

Can this be heated without a microwave?

You could submerge the gel packs in hot water for up to 5 minutes, but the best way is to use a microwave.

Can you lay down with it on?

Yes, you can use it lying down or moving around - doing whatever you need to do!

Do they get wet and give off condensation?

Yes they do give off a little condensation, but it's not a signficant amount.

Does the ice gel packs freeze hard?

Yes but you can refrigerate it and they would be soft. Also, you can sit it out of the freezer for a few minutes if you don't want the ice hard. Some people prefer the ice to be hard, it's a personal preference.

How do you wash it?

The ice pack can be washed with warm water with no detergents. The fabric strapping can be washed with soap and water.

How long does it stay frozen?

About 30 minutes per application, though it depends on the ambient temerature of your living room. We'll send you two ice packs, so you can keep one in the freezer whilst wearing the other one.

How long does the warmth last?

Once heated it will last around 15 mins, but we recommend you don't use it for more than 10 mins per application.

Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews
Deborah Gillette
Great Product!

This is one of several products I have ordered from this company. I only wish they would sell the Pouch with the velcro separately. They last a long time but the gel pack I purchased the first time has outlasted the velcro. Otherwise, I think this a great product. We use it to wrap ankles and elbows.


Love them

Monica Consonery
Great product

Love these. Freeze then put in the cover that comes with them. No more wrapping a kitchen towel around your ice packs.

So versatile!

They're great for anything, but I love to just lay against this pack when I have an intractable migraine. Thank you for making such a reliable product!


took away the pain!