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Premium Breast Gel packs – Perfect for Cool or Warm Breastfeeding Pain Relief

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Breastfeeding is extremely rewarding, but the complications and difficulties can be very frustrating. Our flexible and durable breast gel packs provide cooling and warm pain relief to soothe engorged breasts, and help with plugged ducts and mastitis.

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Product Details

Luxury Breast Gel packs

Instant Nursing Pain Relief

We are all different! For some of us, it’s painful, tiring, uncomfortable and in some cases almost unbearable. That’s why we developed this unique gel pack and sleeve. It has two uses, warming to encourage let down, and ice cold to relieve swelling and pain. It has a totally unique design and is backed by Doctors and medical professionals nationwide.

Natural Drug Free Pain Relief

Sore nipples, engorged breasts, mastitis, swelling and inflammation. Relieve your breast pain and help unclog your clogged milk ducts. When warm it encourages let down.

Use for

  • Nursing Pain Relief
  • Increase Milk Flow
  • Decrease Engorgement
  • Soothe Mastitis

Instructions and Safety Information

Instructions for use MSDS Data Sheet


For engorged breasts while using your favorite breast pump or before/after feeding your baby. Provides effective breastfeeding support and increased comfort during breastfeeding. To use warm place them in the microwave, to cool place them in the freezer.


Works with all breastpump kits (Medela, Lansinoh, Philips, therapearl). Just freeze your ice packs in the freezer, or heat (microwavable) for 15 seconds before hand to increase your flow.


For multiple uses over time. The pads can be used up to 300 times, for 20 minutes per use (they are microwaveable) for maximum temperature efficiency and comfort. You will receive 2 x Compress Gel packs with 2 x Brown Cover plus a storage box.


Soft and flexible when frozen. Each ice pack contains non-toxic ingredients and is contoured to fit around your breast.

Quick Q&A

Do they work to prevent and mitigate engorgement?

I had a ton of engorgement issues (and a few rounds of mastitis!) when breastfeeding my twins and hot compresses really helped relieve pain. Then I continued using them and they seemed to help keep me from getting super engorged or getting mastitis again. Massaging and changing baby's position also helps

How many gel packs do you get per purchase?

Two gel packs, plus two soft cotton wraps.

How long do they stay cold for?

Around 30 minutes per application.

How long do you have to freeze them for for effective use?

A minimum of 2 hours for maximum cold, but shorter times would be okay as well, the gel wouldn't be as cold and the cold would not last as long.

Can this be heated without a microwave?

You could submerge the gel packs in hot water for up to 5 minutes, but the best way is to use a microwave.

Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
Janie Reyes
Pregnancy & Breastfeeding LIFE SAVER!!!

I bought these on a whim thinking maybe they would help a little for soreness during pregnancy and just general pain I know I had a my firstborn. THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!! I am beyond thrilled w how much they've helped. I've only used them once cold and they felt great. I usually use them hot and they have helped exponentially. They're super easy to heat, clean, and they're insanely soft and comfortable. I recommend them to all my pregnant and breastfeeding friends ESPECIALLY if it's your first pregnancy and you're unsure of any pains you're having in your boobs!!


Love the sofr fabric and the size. Does the job!

Comfortable and effective

Glad I finally bought some of these. I had been relying on generic hot and cold gel packs and these are soooo much more comfortable. Using them for clogged ducts and mastitis.

Andrea Gibson

I only got these a couple of days ago and am already in love. I was having breastfeeding issues and these have made a huge difference. Easy to use and worked like a charm to ease the discomfort of engorgement, also very sift and comfortable to wear.

Must have for pumping success

Heated it's the perfect addition a few minutes before pumping for let down of milk. Cold it's great for breaking up clogs. Keep 1 set in fridge always and 1 ready for microwave.