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Hemmorrhoids Ice Packs for Natural and Immediate Pain Relief (Twinpack)

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We know having hemorrhoids is not fun, so we we designed an ice pack to relieve the soreness and inflammation associated with internal and external hemorrhoids in minutes. Finally, natural, drug free Hemorrhoid relief. More details below.
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Product Details

Premium Ice Packs for Fast, Natural Pain Relief


Haemorrhoids really hurt. This ice pack provides a natural numbing of the anus – it reduces swelling by shrinking the external hemmaroid and applying penetrating and comfortable cold right ‘between the cheeks’!


Cryotherapy (or icing your anus) helps in soothing skin irritation and shrinking the external hemorrhoid. If you struggle when using an applicator these gel packs will numb the area allowing for suppositories to be received much easier.

Use for:

  • Internal Haemorrhoid
  • External Haemorrhoid
  • Piles
  • Perineum Discomfort
  • Vasectomy
  • General Pain Relief

Instructions and Safety Information

Instructions for use MSDS Data Sheet


It’s not pleasant to talk about – but fissures, blood, rashes and a whole host of other embarrassing conditions can benefit from the cooling of an ice pack. By temporarily reducing the inflammation, blood is drawn away from the area in the same way it is with all ice packs. Perfect for fast relief from burning, soreness, itch, pain, swelling, or bleeding


Magic Gel is FDA registered, we are a licenced brand who genuinely care about your condition. For any hemmoroid, hemorrhoidectomy, anul, pregnancy or postpartum pain – we’re here to help. For any questions or problems please get in touch anytime, we always respond within 8 hours.


It’s a painful fact for too many people and our handy booklet will go some way to explaining what is causing the issues you are facing and what some of the options (medicated and natural) are available to you.


Using cold therapy is the best way to PREVENT hemmeroid pain returning after you have experienced it in the past. We’ve included a handy booklet that goes into detail about what cream, pillows, medication and lubricants can help future flare ups. There’s no silver bullet, but we give you step by step guidance to find your own cure at home.

Quick Q&A

How long does it stay cold? I need something that will stay cold long periods of time because I sit on my job.

We all generate body heat. Remember, this is the body cavity our moms took our temperature when we were little. So, some of us will generate more heat than others. That being said, the directions say keep in place for 20 mins. Of course its ice cold, and a little uncomfortable, the first 5 or so minutes, but it stays plenty cool for the remaining time.

How many do I get when an order?

One set, which contains two ice packs

Does the underware come with it?

No it does not come with the underwear, that was just for illustration purposes only.

Can you use it whilst sat down?

Yes that's absolutely the best way.

Is this uncomfortable to wear?

No definitely no uncomfortable... when you first put this on the cold is a little stark against your migraine but once you relax into it you don’t feel the cold it is just soothing!

Have to clean this before use for the first time? Hi

I personally didn't, but it would be fine to hand-wash in warm water with washing powder and leave it to dry naturally. I hope it helps you. I haven't taken single tablet for migraine since buying this headache cap. It has made a big difference!

Nothing warns me about storing this in the freezer until I need it, say days or weeks, just info for 2hrs or more, do we know if this is ok?

Yes storing in the freezer is fine. I have a few of these and keep them stored in the freezer at all times so when I need them they stay cold for longer. When they first come out they can be a bit too cold so I wear a thin beanie hat underneath for the first 20mins or so of wearing one.

Can I use this for heat therapy?

Sadly this is for cold use only.

Hoe many ice packs are there in the cap?

There are 16, though they are not removable.

How do you use this? How does it work?

Keep it in the fridge or freezer until you start to get a headache or migraine then take it out and wear it like a hat or pull it over your eyes too. The ice packs help ease the pain.

How long does it stay cold for?

You need to take it out the freezer for 10 mins before use, then only wear it for 25 minutes and it remains cold for longer than that. I feel asleep in mine this morning and it wasn't frozen cold, but was coldish when I woke up 45 mins later.

Does the ice gel packs freeze hard?

Yes but you can refrigerate it and they would be soft. Also, you can sit it out of the freezer for a few minutes if you don't want the ice hard. Some people prefer the ice to be hard, it's a personal preference.

Is it soft or rubbery?

The cover is a soft fabric, it feels a bit like Spandex/workout gear fabric.

Does this product have cooling all over the head? Top sides back of neck?

Yes. There are two layers of small cooling compartments that go all the way around. You can move them around to cover the areas of the head or face you wish to have cooled. It does not have any packs on the top of the hat. This just has a hole where you can pull your hair through if you have long hair and want it out of the way.

Does this product also ice the top of you head?

Not the very top of your head but it really covers most of everything else. There’s a joke through the top (where I usually pull my pony tail out) so it does not cover the top top part but it covers all sides with ice. I love it. Use it every day.

Can it be tightened?

No. It's made to stretch quite a bit if you need, but it can't be tightened - there's no draw string or other adjustable component.

Customer Reviews

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Cool and effective

This is easy to use and comfortable to wear. The coolness gives good relief. Usage 3 times a day. The contents are two individual gells which are put in a freezer. There is no belt or strap with it.

Wiliam F.
Cool and effective

This is easy to use and comfortable to wear. The coolness gives good relief. Usage 3 times a day. The contents are two individual gells which are put in a freezer. There is no belt or strap with it.

Sencillamente Increible

OBLIGO a Todo el Mundo que tenga esto en el congelador antes de operarse de HemorroidesNo es broma!!Es un producto mas que estupendo la verdad.La forma es ideal y encaja perfectamente en la zona anal.Obvio siempre hay que poner algo fino entre el producto y tu piel..ya sea una venda, envuelto en papel de cocina, media gruesa..cosas que esten limpias y que sean seguras de que si por un casual el producto se rompe no llege a ponerse en contacto con la piel.Lo Super Recomiendo Totalmente siempre leyendo muy bien las instrucciones y haciendo un buen uso del mismo.No se que hubiera echo sin esto, en la recuperacion de la Hemorroidectomía.Puedes usarlo cuando desees pero recomiendo su uso inmediatamente despues de defecar...ya que es cuando mas inflamado tenemos la zona anal. Esto te aliviara en minutos...y podras sentirte mas agusto.

Surprisingly effective

Didn't expect much but was very pleased with the effect.

Juan Garcia
The only website that have that good price.

I like the price the quality.