Five things to consider when shopping for breast ice packs

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Five things to consider when shopping for breast ice packs

If you’re reading this article, there’s a high chance that you’re in need of giving your breasts the royal treatment. Perhaps you’ve recently had surgery, are breastfeeding or just experiencing some discomfort in your chest. If you’re on the search for the best ice pack for your breasts, you can rest easy as we’ve rounded up the best breast ice pack available on the market.

A breast gel pack that is great for both breastfeeding and post-operation

A great ice pack for breasts is one that is multi-purpose. Even if you’re only breastfeeding, or only need it for post-surgery care, it’s still wise to get an ice pack that plays the role for both reasons perfectly. You will never know when you will need a breast ice pack for another purpose. Besides, somebody you care for may end up needing it later on, and we all know that sharing is caring. 

Some packs like Magic Gel’s Luxury Breast Gel packs can be used for both post-surgery care and for help in breastfeeding relief. For busy breastfeeding mums, it’s helpful to get two products in one affordable purchase.

The best breast packs can be used hot and cold

This is probably the only time when being hot and cold is not a red flag. A dual temperature gel pack that can be used as both cold and warm treatments offers the best in all-around relief. 

When you’re breastfeeding and you need milk flow to increase, just pop the packs in a microwave and use them as warm compress just before you breastfeed. The increase in temperature will encourage milk flow to your breasts and may even relieve clogged ducts. 

When you’re experiencing engorged and swollen breasts from breastfeeding, you will want to apply cold therapy. Place the gel packs in the freezer and use them as cold compress after breastfeeding. The cool temperature will restrict blood and milk flow to the breasts. The constricted vessels will help decrease inflammation and swollenness. 

For post-breast surgery care, it’s also recommended to apply ice therapy for 20 minutes to help manage some of the swelling and reduce pain. 

The best breast packs are flexible, even when frozen

When used for cold treatments, an ice-cold breast gel pack must be flexible straight from the freezer. This means that they do not freeze solid and can contour around your breasts easily, ensuring all parts get cooling relief. This will save you a lot of time as you don’t need to wait for them to defrost.

Find one that is flexible and also has side slits, as this will make breastfeeding so much easier and convenient. Side panels or slits are quite essential as they will allow the gel pack to conform to any breast size. 

For post-surgery care, the slits will also come in handy because it will allow tubes to pass through comfortably. The wide design also means that the sides of your breasts, where incisions are sometimes made, also get cool therapy.

There are many breast gel packs out in the market, but most are made to form as solid frozen disks, which does not make it comfortable for already swollen and tender breasts.

For the best value, get one that is reusable

One of the best features that a good ice pack for breasts can have is its durability. Not only will you be able to use it for your next child but you can also use them for non-breastfeeding reasons like post-surgery care or perhaps when you’re simply soothing sore breasts during that time of the month. 

Magic Gel’s Luxury Breast Gel packs are made from thick and high-grade material. Users have been amazed that, compared to other gel packs, they do not spill open when being heated in the microwave (for use as warm compress).

There’s no shortage of gel packs for breasts on the market, but only a handful can really stand the test of usage, wear and tear

Magic Gel breast gel packs were specifically designed for use up to 300 times, for 20 minutes per use.

Users have also raved about how convenient and easy they are to clean up. When you’ve just had surgery or just had a baby, you’re going to need things to be as easy and quick as possible!

Last but not least, a great breast pack is beautifully designed

What has aesthetics got to do with this, you ask? Well, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll feel better when you are surrounded by pleasant-looking objects. 

If you do a cursory search of available breast ice packs in the market, you may see a range of plain blue or white packs. When you’ve just undergone surgery or have just given birth and are spending sleepless nights, the last thing you want is to place drab-looking packs on your breasts. In many cases, the cliche term rings true: you feel good when you look good. 

Magic Gel’s luxury breast packs come in an elegant, soft pink cover and also come with a storage box. 

This makes for a perfect gift for a new mum or for a family member or friend who’s about to undergo surgery. 

We hope we’ve helped you in choosing which type of breast ice pack is best for you! If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences in your breastfeeding journey, do send us a message!

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